FRP(Pipe Line Installation and Maintenance)

With a highly experienced and dedicated team, coupled with fabrication facilities and high quality tools and equipment, we have been able to provide all types of FRP services of the highest quality in the industrial sector in K.S.A. These services include:

  • FRP Chemical / Process Tanks - (Design and manufacturing of FRP chemical tanks as per BS 4994:1980 with complete design calculation, mechanical testing and NDT).
  • Non-Metallic Piping - (GRP/GRV/GRE/FRP and RTR piping installation , maintenance, modification and erection with complete hydro testing, fittings fabrication and spooling).
  • Support Design - (Designing of pipe supports, stress analysis and hydro static pressure testing).
  • Pipe Laying - (Excavation, dewatering, trench making , pipe laying and sand bedding).
Some of our Experiences:
  • We are global contractor (3 Years Contract 2016-2019) of GRP services of TASNEE Petrochemical and have performed number of maintenance jobs (Fabrication of spools and Lamination Joints).
  • We have performed a large number of GRP jobs in SAHARA Petrochemicals, since 2009. This includes repairing of internal 72” GRP lines.
  • We have performed a large number of GRP jobs in JOMEL (MARAFIQ), since 2015.
  • Fabrication and supply of GRP large size (from 8” to 54”) flange spools and pipes in 2016 during turnaround of S-Chem.
  • We have successfully completed huge number of repair of HDPE pipes (Electro-Fusion Welding) in SARAHA Petrochemicals, JOMEL (MARAFIQ) and AMINAT.
  • Demolition of old GRE pipeline, supply and Installation of new GRE spools Replacement at CRISTAL YANBU IN 2017.
  • Demolition of old GRE pipeline, supply and installation of new GRE spools replacement at CRISTAL YANBU IN 2018.
  • Modification of 2000 mm diameter underground GRP header, supply and installation of new 2000 mm diameter spools at JOMEL (MARAFIQ IWPP PLANT JUBAIL) in 2018.